13,566-gallon spill from a tank farm on the St. Vrain River near Firestone

14:40 Sep 19 2013 St. Vrain River near Firestone, CO

From Denver Post 9/19/13: Anadarko Petroleum Corp. reported two releases Wednesday: a release of 125 barrels — about 5,225 gallons — into the South Platte near Milliken and a release of 323 barrels — about 13,500 gallons — from a tank farm on the St. Vrain River near Firestone.

It appears the oil left the site in floodwaters, the commission said.

Both releases involve condensate, a mixture of oil and water, according to Matthew Allen, a spokesman for the Denver office of the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

[ADMIN NOTE - This coincides with NRC Report # 1060594, details below]


FULL REPORT:http://alerts.skytruth.org/report/03c289d9-a5bf-3bdd-9723-d082c258c3fc#c=kml

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